We took a quick summer hiatus. 

We're back with a triple threat guest talking about a game changer treatment and technology to resolve Foot warts - Verrucae/HPV.  We're bringing in the big guns who are changing how podiatrists resolve one difficult and recalcitrant conditions of our feet - WARTS.

Listen in and enjoy the banter about microwaves and how emblation uses these waves to kick start our immune systems and allow it to fight the HPV Virus causing warts.  

Many thanks to our guests:

Pete Turnbull, Founder of Saorsa- US Distributor of SWIFT device

Dr. Gary Beale, co-Founder of Emblation - supplier of SWIFT device

Dr. Ivan Bristow, Podiatrist and Researcher - Foot.Expert - authored the study that tests the efficacy of Emblation's SWIFT Technology.

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